Kulturkalaset kick up their heels

It was a huge groovy atmosphere at this year’s Dance Festival was settled during the “battle” The tent of Bältesbrännarparken was full of people who were maintained by the fearless dancers who were facing challenge. Who would win ?! The pacing back and forth on the dance floor and met each other. The mood was serious, we understand that there are many hours of practice and you could discover the young dancers’ admiration for the more successful. But even I was impressed by both the young and elderly. The hope and the strength. It was carried away, I said to the whole congregation swayed. It was a great mix of people from a lot of cultures that are unleashed and we got to view their never-ending quest to reach the top. I have always loved dancing, it makes me happy keeps us in shape and is said to release endorphins. In all cases, freed me yesterday. I was happy when I was dry and safe under a tent ugly with a lot of lovely people, the rain was pouring down, but what did it. Happiness was liberating, the good atmosphere made us all forget the rain outside.