On the taste fest with Global Picnic Food Festival

This morning I was out running, my friend and I had planned to go away to Global Picnic Food Festival but the sky looked black so I thought during my round that there will be enough picnic today. I came home, took a shower and the clouds in the sky lightened so I put on a pair of short, short, packed the nice picnic basket with a colorful salad and cut apple. I brought some fruit and a large bottle of water. I needed something more I could certainly get me there later, I thought.

I met up with my friend and we took a lovely long walk into town. When we arrived we were met by lots of people who stood and queued for all the delights offered. There were dishes from Somalia, Turkey, Holland, England, Uruguay and many more. We were served baklava, Indian chicken and lentils with vegetables. The grilled and cooked some of the food on site which gave an incredible freshness. And as much as smelled of all these sweet spices.

Do you want a strong cultural experience than Global Picnic Food Fesival is a very good opportunity for you to visit the festival. It is well priced and there is something for most people. Strong, mild, sweet and fresh. Everyone is friendly and nice atmosphere on site with music. I chatted with the people around to hear what they thought of the food and everyone thought that it was good. I tried a few different dishes and for me it was Uruguay a winner. Spiced loin of pork with vegetables and the sauce!

Stenmarck at Liseberg

Stenmark performed on stage, at Liseberg.  His strong voice was heard throughout Liseberg. But the volume was so loud that we choose a place a further bit up, away from the stage. We out over the main stage and saw a half empty fields. Stenmarck is a great artist and bit sad given how musically talented he is and with such a small audience.