Stena Match Cup – the quarter final

In today quarter final, Hansen in the Stena Blue match Ferrarese in the Schenker boat. At the distance, towards the mark, Hansen is in the lead. The both boats sail well. It is windy and they use the wind well. They quickly fill the spinnaker.

Team Ferrarese







Up to the mark it is a tight match between Williams in the Pelle P boat and the Corbett in the Volvo boat. After rounded the first mark, heading for the next, Williams advance.

After rounded the second mark, Hansen in the Stena Blue choose to go to the left side and Ferrarese in the Schenker boat follow and take the wind at the starboard side. Hansen rounds the mark without any problems and brings easily down the spinnaker.

The battle between Corbett and Williams are than far away and Ferrarese has free wind and sails beautifully.

Williams lays in line with Corbett but closer to the mark on the windward sailing

The Turkish Airline boat.







Another start goes off, this time between Berntsson in the Albert Riele boat and Swinton in the Turkish Airlines. Before the start, both boats positioned close to each other-close to the wind to battle for the best position to cross the start line.

The Stena Red boat.







Canfield in the Stena Red match Robertson in the Handelsbanken. At this point, the wind is less and the waves are smaller. At Marstrand the sea is wide open and lots of important regattas are held here because of the advanced sail conditions and the tuff challenge that brings with. Robertson in the Handelsbanken boat stretches into a fine line up to the mark and sail the boat beautifully.


Marstrand from the seaside view, full with audience watching the Stena Match.







Swinton in the Turkish Airlines match Berntsson. They both choose to go for starboard, but further down, closer to the inside of Marstrand. On the windward sailing, the both boats are close and the wind increase the tempo, and so the battle between them is getting more intensive. It is a very close match, around the mark.

Berntsson in the Albert Riele Boat







At their way down one can see Canfield and Robertson up to the mark, sail to windward. Canfield in the Stena Red boat is in the lead.

It is such a close match between Swinton and Berntsson, but it is possible to see that Berntsson in the Albert Riele boat is getting “dirty” wind. He is still sailing well and advance in distance. However after they rounded the mark, Swinton in the Turkish Airlines advance to the lead.

She rounds the next mark beautifully in full speed. Berntsson follows her but does not sail as close as his competitor to the mark.

Flight 3







In the 3rd flight Ferrarese in the Stena Blue match Hansen in the Schenker boat. Sailing to the windward both the boats are close match. They positioned further down after crossing the starting line, on their way to the first mark. Ferrares in the Stena Blue is in the lead. The match are extremely close. Hansen in the Stena Blue leads at the end of flight 2 over Ferrarese in the Schenker boat. Later, Ferrarese rounds the mark and tries to find free wind. Shortly, after the rounding, Ferrarese is two both length before Hansen, and with a full spinnaker. On their way towards the finishing line, it is a beautiful view, full sails and lots of audience on the cliffs and Ferrarese in the lead.

The Volvo boat at Stena Match Cup.










Williams in the Volvo boat matched Corbett in the Pelle P. On the windward to sail, Williams is sailing in full speed, beautifully close to the wind. The match are close and up to the mark they watched each other very close and change direction as often as they must in order not to get any dirty wind.

Volvo in full speed.










They round the mark close and it differs two and a half both length between them. Corbett is in the lead to the final mark.

Flight 5

At the end of the refined fight number five, the match between Berntsson in the Turkish Airlines and Swinton in the Albert Riele, Berntsson leads.

Ferrarese in the Stena Blue match Hansen in the Schenker boat. It is a very close match, sailing to windward, after the mark Ferrarese is in the lead but the position can change as now very quickly.

The Pelle P boat.










Corbett in the Pelle P Match Williams in the Volvo boats leads up to the first mark, but on the second leg after the rounding , Williams is in the lead. On their way back they are close positioned.

Björn Hansen in the Schenker boat.








Ferrarese In the Stena Blue match Hansen in the Schenker boat is in the lead at the last leg.

Photographer Sophie Berg

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