Food from around the world

Culture Week is over and the City of Gothenburg have allowed Gothenburgers view many talented cultural workers good talent. Working with culture means a hard slog but also to follow their dreams . It is about for many many years working for something you passionately run by , a voice within him. But it is not only cultural workers who contribute to the Culture Festival , many others as organizers and entrepreneurs make the party possible. Many people had taken out to discover the wide range of food, Gustav Adolf Square , Bältesbrännarparken and the canale , opposite the Grand Theatre were several food stalls with various offers from places around the world . I myself am very interested in food , especially food from different cultures and managed to photograph some delights on the menu .

Laleh at Götaplatsen

Götaplatsen was crowed when people came to watch Laleh. It was difficult to assess how many people really came to watch her.  The sun shone on the filled balcony of the City Theatre. Laleh commanded as usual on itself. Humblest of all, she cries out “I am not cruel, I’ve just been lucky.” She is incredibly talented.  It is generous that the town let’s all take part of her songs and it was noted as well that there was great interest when so many had come to hear her and her Symphony. It was amazing to hear this combination and it was also noted to her that she enjoyed it. The audience also spent extra applause to the talented orchestra. The tempo increased, the audience clapped in time when Laleh played Colors.  Laleh is a great artists and songwriter.