Volvo Ocean Race- The Party

The atmosphere was great and everyone wanted to celebrate. Stena Line met Alvimedica.


















And there was safety arrangements.










The helicopter was just above me.










And there were supporters…


















The Volvo Ocean Race is a big party and a huge arrangement i Gothenburg.



The Volvo Ocean race- the Final

The total winner of the Volvo Ocean race, The Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing, skipper Ian Walker.













Alvimedica- first to cross he finishing line on the final destination. 














Team Alvimedica, with skipper Charlie Enright won the final offshore battle of today’s race.

Early today I traveled by boat to meet up the participating boat in Volvo Ocean Race. It is the final leg and there were lots of boats too see them reach their final destination and cross the line. The leader was Alvimedica. She was well ahead of a group of three boats. It was beautiful to see her coming across us and facing her destination. It was a sunny day out on the sea and it was possible to feel there joy of their victory when lots of boats were meeting them.


Brunel took the second place in the Volvo Ocean Race.


























It is just an amazing feel to be watching The Volvo Ocean Race. To meet them in the end when you knew they have been sailing all those legs and to see them reach the end. It is joy to see them sailing in the harbour, to look at the view and see Eriksberg behind, knowing that they soon are about to end it. The Volvo Ocean Race gives so much pleasure. To see them this close is amazing. It has been an incredible exciting day so far, being around the sailing boats and the boats that followed them. The atmosphere is on top. The sun is shining and there are lots of people standing along the harbour to welcome them home.


Photographer Sophie Berg