Match Tour 2016 – The million dollar price

The million dollar price

Today it was windy. The wind was so strong that it capture the sail so strong and forced the boat through the water like a rocket. Se Marketing Media followed the Tour 2016 Match Race for 3 days. During those days the matches has been different in excitement. Today there was an absolut maximum of excitement. Sailing is a nice sport. But when it comes to sailing conditions like today it is to its extreme beautifulness. The waves, the stream and the sun made the race so attractive to watch. The amount of people could tell of the excitement it gave. We were standing close to each other in order to get a space. The atmosphere was really great. The music, the wind, people were eating ice-cream, drinking champagne and rosé at the rock while the wind grabbed there hair. Because of the wind condition the sailing was very hard and extremely dangerous. The boat, M32, manage to go insuch a high speed that in this wind it takes the maximum of out the crew to manage the boat. It is obvious in these conditions really how good they are in their performance. They must force the boat and always keep in mind of the competition. Anyone would be scare and most people would even put the boat into the harbor. These men choose to compete in it. This shows the real effort and bid to a spectacular show. The love of the sport was shown today, the desire of competing, the hunt for glory and to show who is the strongest, the bravest and the coolest mind to dare to keep the balance of the boat and the wind. The last race was about 8,2 million Swedish kronas. Both skipper at this level are excellent, it is the nerves that matters in this case. Who can keep his mind clear to take the right strategic choice? Choose the right way, and together with their crew make their right movements. The turn was of great importance today. In many of the battles the turn had a effect on the sailing-time in advancement. The acceleration of the boat was slower in some cases when the turn was not well done and so the boat did not move and the lost time in comparisons to their competitors.