The Stena Match Cup – the extreme challange

Finally the summer and the warm weather arrived, the same week  the fun and exiting Stena Match Cup started.










In the 11th flight Gilmour in the Stena Blue boat matched  against Dackhammar in the Volvo Boat.







It was a tuff race and on many legs of the race one could see that it was tough competition between the two boats.







Dackhammar scores one point.









Viltoft in the Turkish Airlines raced Berntsson in Handelsbanken. It was a tough close match.







Viltoft was penalised and the penalty put them second over the finishing line.

It was the perfect weather for sailing, windy and sunny. Like on a postcard, people sat down on the rocks watching the tour with great excitement.  The wind and weather conditions couldn’t be any better. What a day for sailing competition with the greatest sailors, hunger for victory.


In the 11th flight, Swinton in the Schenker boat is racing Ferrarese in the Stena Red. It is a close race, both boats are guarding their positions in order to take first place.




flight 11,  Swinton in the Schenker boat. Swinton race against Ferrarese in the Stena Red.









In flight 12, Dackhammar in the Volvo boat sail to winward against Ferrarese in the Stena Red boat, here at the first leg up to the mark. Ferrarese wins and scores 1 point.

At the second race Berntsson in Handelsbanken , race against Monnin in the Albert Riele boat. It was a very exciting and close matche but finally Berntsson wins.

Hansen in the Pelle P boat race against Swinton in the Schenker boat. At first Hansen has the lead but after a jibe he lost it to Swinton who gets one point.

Aschenbrenner in the Stena Blue boat was matched against Ostling in the Turkish Airlines. Aschenberger is in the lead, but Ostling does not give up. Instead she tries to take another way to get to the finishing line, however Aschenberger wins despite Ostlings attempts.







In flight 11, Viltoft in the Turkish Airline race against Berntsson in Handelsbanken.









Dackhammar in flight 12 in the Volvo boat race aginst Ferrarese in the Stena Red. Even though Dackhammar is sailing beautifully here on the picture, Ferrarese takes one point.









In flight 13, Swinton the Schenker boat race against Ostling in the Turkish Airlines. Swinton wins the race and take one point.

However on the cliffs, a man yells out his support for Ostling and  everyone applauds her effort. Ostling fear nothing and made a great show, she shows that no matter gender one can compete in the same race. Bravo! We applaud you.

Photographer Sophie Berg

Feature editor Sophie Berg

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